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GhostLINK proxies your IP Address allowing you to visit links through your browser.

Why are certain links blocked?

Certain websites may block the use of proxies to protect their users / sites well being.

GhostLINK protects your privacy by having an up-to-date list of advertising / spam and known malicous websites from being accessed. We also block certain file extensions from being able to be downloaded to your computer. Although it may be inconvenient, this helps ensure a safe, secure, and private browsing experience.

Disclaimer: GhostLINK alone does not provide 100% safety and security, there are many factors in which your privacy, personal devices, and data can be compromised. GhostLINK is one of many services to be offered by Ghost Prism, which you may find more information by clicking the button below.

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Features Enabled: Blocking Spam and Malware